Monday, 26 March 2012

How to fix a broken Sizzix

 OH NO my sizzix broke !!!

I went to use my sizzix today and the handle turns but then jams and gets stuck noooo.....
I looked to see if something was stuck in the rollers but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I better pull it apart and see what the problem is. So this is a tutorial on how to safely pull apart your sizzix and fix it. 

Allen key
Phillips head screwdriver
Sewing machine oil
Small brush

 Step 1
 Remove the black cap off the handle end
Step 2
Using the right size allen key undo the screw and 
slide the handle off
  Step 3
Using the Phillips head screwdriver undo the screw shown by the arrows
Step 4
Once all the screw are taken off you will need to use some force to take off the black sides. They are clipped in but with some patience they will come apart.

 Step 5
Next is to take off the middle handle and then the plates either side these will come apart easy.
 All the parts should ow be off the main metal rollers.

Step 6
Next is to brush out any fluff in the rollers mine had a bit because it gets a workout with felt...
Take off the top small cog by pulling off the plastic stopper and then the cog.
Step 7
Now this is where my skateboarding days come in handy....underneath the cogs there are bearings very similar to the ones used in skateboarding wheels and if the get dirt and dust in them they tend not to move or get stuck. 
So to fix this put some sewing machine oil or any machine oil you have and put it on the bearings.

Step 8
Put the small cog and stopper back on... next slide the cranking handle on and give it a few turns all the cogs should move and this will send the oil into the bearings to lubricate them...After a few turns everything should be moving smoothly

Now to put it all back together
Just go backwards on the way you pulled it apart
Plates on first
Top carrying handle
Clip on sides and screw back in
Put cranking handle on
Use allen key to put back screw for cranking handle
Then place the black cap back

You should now have a fully serviced and function sizzix again
I hope this has helped anyone who has a broken sizzix and need to fix it

Happy crafting!!!!


  1. Hi Natasha,
    I just loved your blog. You are so criative and make so beautiful pieces.
    Thank you for your tutorials!

  2. Thank goodness for this information! My Sizzix jammed as I was making an entry for a contest!! This is the second machine I have had in two years. The first time this happened Sizzix replaced the machine. This time I couldn't wait that long. So I followed your instructions (how many screws do they need to keep this thing together?!?). When I looked inside at the bearings in the crank shaft, one was kind of munched up so I poked it out. I used the oil but it still wasn't moving which is why I pulled the handle apart in the first place. Anyway, it is working smoothly now but I'm not sure how long that will last. These things seem awfully prone to this problem in my short period of using them. I am very careful about not forcing anything through the machine so I wonder why this keeps happening. Any clues?

  3. I'm happy I could help you. I use mine to cut a lot of fabric and felt. I have the same problem sometimes when using the handle it feels like it will snap and then just turn loose. I guess having the top and bottom plates even and center the cutting plate might help when passing it through. I'm careful not to force the handle and to go slowly when turning it. It almost seems like sometimes it wants to skip or jump one of the cog spikes. LOL with the screws I thought the same thing. Hopefully you don't have anymore problems.
    Happy Crafting :)

  4. Thank you for your informative instructions my big shot handle stopped turning properly I didn't realize I had a 3 yr warranty so rang the store and found out it just expired 2 weeks ago.... I want to cry! I found your blog and my man took the handle off and we can see the small cog only has about 3 teeth left no idea how that happened. Can see what part I need but after calling almost every one here in Australia no one sells parts. Does anyone have any ideas where I can buy these? Sizzix USA directs Europeans to Uk site but there appears to be no one servicing Australia. Any help would be great fully appreciated. Thanks again at least I know what part I need everyone telling me I need to just but a new machine.

  5. Hi - to the previous 'Anonymous' and anyone else in Australasia in the same position - just contact the European Sizzix support team and explain your issue. I'm in New Zealand. My friend's Big Shot was broken (small cog minus most of its teeth) and the European Sizzix support people shipped a replacement part immediately so my husband was able to get the machine working again. Support URL is

  6. Thank you so much for your instructions. I was getting frustrated trying to use it because it was so hard to turn. Thank you so much for your help.

  7. Thanks to you dear that i fixed 2 of my bigshot..
    love u

  8. Thanks for your instruction. My BS needed a little bit of oil. Now it works well again.

  9. Great photo's so was brave and took my Big shot apart, oiled and put back together again. Not making horrible noises any more. It was hard to take apart but well worth the effort. Would recommend a helper as tricky to do on your own

  10. Thanks so much.
    my husband fixef my big shot.
    it works so much better.

  11. Thank you so much for posting this.So helpful of you to share such a detailed repair job!!

  12. Thank You so much for just saved me the cost of a new die cutting machine.

  13. Hi, thanks for your instruction, I did what you said, but unfortunately it did't help :( And I can't find the reason. May BigShot is about 1,5 year old. I cleaned id and put few drops of sewing maschine oil but it seems one of the rollers is looser and the teeth don't "bite" each other. I have no idea, what to do :(

  14. Thanks i found your blog...and a bigger thanks thanks for tha pics...but here's the biggest thanks for your encouraging words(instructions). I was losing hope how i could fix my sizzix bkick since i'm here in the Philippines and it would be impossible to get replacement. Following your instructions my bigkick is now back to life!!! Many tanx & be safe.

  15. Thank you for posting this! The step-by-step photos are especially great and it makes me feel more confident knowing how to maintain my machine. That said, f you are not mechanical, or are worried, or have a very new machine - never fear. Go to Sizzix's web site and contact them. Their customer service is amazing and they have been known to even replace machines that are out of warranty.

  16. Thank you so much!! It just saved my BS
    Greetings from Germany

  17. Many thanks for your tutorial, I had an embossing mat stuck on the roller, I had put the mat in the wrong sequence. Husband and I followed your instructions, adding a little washing up liquid as lubricant on the mat, it's back together now and working perfectly. Thank you again.

  18. Thank you soooo much for your instructions. The handle on my Hello Kitty BS just stopped cranking and I thought I would have to buy a new BS. My husband followed your tutorial....gave the gears a few sprays of Tri Flow lubricant and now it is working like new.

  19. Thank you for this post..
    I recently had a bearing issue and had to repair it myself
    Dr Sonia
    My latest post: How I repaired my Big Shot

  20. Thanks for this fabulous helpful post. You have saved me a fortune in buying a new Bigshot when all mine needed was a bit or lubricating! Many thanks again, Sheila X

  21. Thanks for this helpful and useful guide. I should try it to restore mine.

  22. thank you so very much! Your step by step instructions were very helpful!

  23. Terrific tutorial - I was easily able to disassemble the BS, oil the gears, get them turning freely again and reassemble it without a hitch. Thanks much!

  24. You saved the day!!! Thank you so much for this helpful post (found on Pinterest). Machine working smoothly again.

  25. Awesome!! I fixed by Big Shot all by myself!! Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge :)

  26. I don't have a Big Shot, but I'm saving this anyway. Someday . . . THS.

  27. Fantastic tutorial. Worked a dream and my 11 year old Big Shot is now as good as new. Thank you for sharing!

  28. Excellent tutorial! I've never been brave enough to pull any machine apart but I was able to do it with your clear instructions and pictures. I found out the small cog somehow only had 3 teeth left and so the handle would just spin and not feed the sizzix sandwich. Now customer service is sending me a free cog and I feel I can put the Big Shot back together myself and finally use it again! Thank you so much!