Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Make It- Sew On Labels

I have been wanting to post this for awhile now and finally can. I changed the design of my label and thought i would do a tutorial as I made them. Why pay to get your labels made when you can easily make them yourself....

Items Needed

* Linen Tape ( I used 2cm Tape)
* Printer transfer T-shirt Paper ( I used Epsom brand)
* Scissors
* Iron
* Computer program like publisher or photo-shop

I used publisher to create my label.
I went into page setup and changed the page layout size to custom and made the dimensions 2cm X 5cm.

I also change the copies per sheet so I ended up with 45 labels on a A4 size paper.

I used word art to make my text ....This is so you can flip your text horizontal 

*Remember text must be in a mirror image*

To flip text go select text and go to arrange in the menu bar go down to flip or rotate and then click flip horizontal now your text should be a mirror image.

Make any design you like then you can print it.  I changed my printer settings to best photo to get the greatest result....

Once it has printed out give it time to dry... then you can start ironing...

Cut out the label from the transfer paper and cut linen tape to size make sure the tape is fluff free and clean you don't want fluff pressed under your transfer.....
Set you iron on a low setting and have the steam function off... Start to iron the transfer onto the tape make sure you go right to the edges keep moving the iron around so you don't burn the transfer paper...
Let the label cool then you can peel the paper back off and WOW you have just made you own designed label......

......Happy making....

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Make It- Felt Pine Cones

  I love making fabric pine cones I have been using this fantastic tutorial from
to make them
I decided to experiment and do a little variation. I had heaps of felt circles from my sizzix cutter and thought these would be great to use.
Using the same technique as the fabric pine cones I arranged the felt circles the same way on the Styrofoam ball.
These are fun to make and look good as a display..........
I recommend buying a sizzix cutter they come in very handy. I was able to get a hello kitty big shot sizzix a couple of years ago and I just adore it.
I purchased mine from this website http://store.scrapbook.com/brand/sizzix.html
..........Happy crafting......