Monday, 26 March 2012

How to fix a broken Sizzix

 OH NO my sizzix broke !!!

I went to use my sizzix today and the handle turns but then jams and gets stuck noooo.....
I looked to see if something was stuck in the rollers but I couldn't find anything, so I thought I better pull it apart and see what the problem is. So this is a tutorial on how to safely pull apart your sizzix and fix it. 

Allen key
Phillips head screwdriver
Sewing machine oil
Small brush

 Step 1
 Remove the black cap off the handle end
Step 2
Using the right size allen key undo the screw and 
slide the handle off
  Step 3
Using the Phillips head screwdriver undo the screw shown by the arrows
Step 4
Once all the screw are taken off you will need to use some force to take off the black sides. They are clipped in but with some patience they will come apart.

 Step 5
Next is to take off the middle handle and then the plates either side these will come apart easy.
 All the parts should ow be off the main metal rollers.

Step 6
Next is to brush out any fluff in the rollers mine had a bit because it gets a workout with felt...
Take off the top small cog by pulling off the plastic stopper and then the cog.
Step 7
Now this is where my skateboarding days come in handy....underneath the cogs there are bearings very similar to the ones used in skateboarding wheels and if the get dirt and dust in them they tend not to move or get stuck. 
So to fix this put some sewing machine oil or any machine oil you have and put it on the bearings.

Step 8
Put the small cog and stopper back on... next slide the cranking handle on and give it a few turns all the cogs should move and this will send the oil into the bearings to lubricate them...After a few turns everything should be moving smoothly

Now to put it all back together
Just go backwards on the way you pulled it apart
Plates on first
Top carrying handle
Clip on sides and screw back in
Put cranking handle on
Use allen key to put back screw for cranking handle
Then place the black cap back

You should now have a fully serviced and function sizzix again
I hope this has helped anyone who has a broken sizzix and need to fix it

Happy crafting!!!!

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

All in a afternoon- Restoring old draws

I have had this set of draws in my shed for a couple of years now.

I had decorated it 10 years ago in a shabby chic style. I thought it's time to get it's old original charm back....

I tried sanding it back by hand and using a scraper but a layer of black paint and white paint was hard to get through.... So bring on the paint stripper!

Once it was covered in paint stripper it was so exciting to watch it bubble and
blister. Then the fun part came scraping it off. Oh and a warning I had gloves on but I got some paint
on my arms and boy does it burn I washed it off straight away and was fine after all in an afternoon the end result was pretty good.....