Sunday, 4 December 2011

Make It- Kawaii Wooden Ruler

This is a very quick tutorial on how to make a plain wooden ruler into a very cute ruler......

- Wooden Ruler
- Fabric Glue
- Ribbon/lace
- Nail polish remover (only if your ribbon is see through)

Step 1 

Cut your ribbon to the length of your ruler

Step 2

 If your ruler has any text or brand on it and you are using ribbon or lace that you can see through do this step..... Using nail polish remover (I used the wipes) rub off the text/brand this might take some rubbing... you could also use some sand paper to rub it back....
Step 3

Put some fabric glue down the length of your ruler then
stick down the ribbon clean up any glue that comes out the sides....let it dry and now you have a cute ruler to add
to your stationary collection

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